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Storia management is a digital team building learning experience presented in the form of an escape game to be solved alone or in teams.


This team building can be perfectly integrated into your company seminars.

Storia management is a team building that offers an innovative complement to more traditional employee training programmes. Their short format allows them to be easily integrated into your e-learning or classroom courses.


Each module allows you to assimilate know-how or interpersonal skills adapted to the learner's needs. All professional fields can be covered.


The aim is to encourage virtuous behaviour or to develop skills based on learning stories, which we call "storias".


These stories - which may relate historical, artistic, sporting or scientific facts - are selected, written and staged in a pre-established space and scenario, to allow easy appropriation.


Storia management is a learning team building dedicated to managers. It exists in 2 versions. One of the versions of this team building is dedicated to managers who are new or junior or who are meeting their new team.  The second version is designed to give keys to success in a crisis management context.

  • Growing your team

  • Managing when it is more difficult

  • Develop your leadership

  • Encouraging the sharing of ideas between managers.

Team building format

Alone or in a team of 5 people


  • Managers

  • Executive committees

  • Leaders

  • Sales teams

  • Freelancers

  • Collaborators

#Innovation #Management #Optimism

#PositivePsychology#Leadership #CollectiveIntelligence

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  • Immersed in a virtual space modelled in 3D, the user will be able to explore the environment to interact with objects and discover the authentic stories they tell.

  • An immersive space and the principles of the escape game for a fun and interactive experience.

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