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 Surprise to Learn.

Discover our soft skills training dedicated to developing the managerial and commercial skills of your teams!

Participating in our Surprise to Learn program means benefiting from targeted training and support  dedicated to the development of behavioral, transversal and  human.

A course designed to make you grow humanly and professionally, individually and collectively.

# Softsskills training


85% of the professions of 2030 do not yet exist*

Why soft skills training?

SOFT SKILLS  constitute the set of relational, situational and emotional skills that allow organizations and people to face the complexity and unpredictability of the world around them.


In a constantly changing world, knowing how to adapt to these changes is a real advantage. Training in SOFT SKILLS is at the heart of tomorrow's challenges: these skills allow individuals to work better together.


Get trained in  SOFT SKILLS means developing transversal and behavioral skills. These are immediately transposable to the professional world, allow us to harmonize our relationships, and give meaning to our work.

We have identified about twenty of these key skills and have designed a training program dedicated to soft skills backed by a method to acquire these "skills" in a benevolent and attractive environment.

*source institute of the future

Soft skills

Key skills of the future

Emotional intelligence :
An essential skills base for the future

Creativity and sense of innovation training.

Relational intelligence training: cooperation and communication

Change management training  : agility, adaptability.

Decision-making training: leadership, trust and management

Motivation and commitment training: spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship

Well being at work

More human organizations

Personal development

Reduced complexity

Make today great

The method

Image de Matt Ridley

Surprise Learn Grown Act

We are experts in experiential pedagogy, both face-to-face and remote.

At PARADOXA, we believe that experimentation and emotions promote learning and engagement.

The SAGA method  is an effective and unique pedagogy for successful soft skills training in business: we have chosen to combine different forms of learning where the learner is committed and supported over time.


This method was designed to make learners active and engaged in the discovery of educational content, in order to optimize their appropriation and memorization. By facilitating this process of assimilation, we claim to promote the development of skills and the feeling of belonging.

Our ambition is therefore to make each learner experience a moment that is both engaging, fun and learning. For this, we rely on two very powerful drivers for the human brain: the pleasure of the game and the strength of emotions.

# Softsskills training


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