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Séminaire digital - Paradoxa


salle de conférence

Some numbers

Online seminary

Tools :
A turnkey digital event

  • 4 cameras

  • 1 studio

  • 1 director

  • 1 control room

  • Live broadcast

  • Virtual stage

The format :

An impacting event

  • Experiential workshops

  • Interactive conferences

  • Psycho-illusions

  • Inspiring stories

  • Digital escape room for learners

Content :

A bespoke event

  • Motivation-Sales-Relationship

  • Management

  • Change management

  • Innovation

  • Decision making

  • Customer experience

A 100% interactive seminar for  100% engagement !

Conférence à distance - Matthieu Sinclair

 100% interactive conferences!

Choose a digital event and "push the walls"!

Bring your team, the whole company or your clients together, no matter how many or how far away they are.

  • Gather up to 5,000 people

  • Organize simultaneous work sessions

  • Invite your employees on our virtual stage

  • Communicate with your customers in an original way

Créer la Confiance : La Magie de la Relation - Teaser
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Remote & interactive conferences

The R-I-C are conferences specifically written and designed to be held remotely.


Our ambition: to make you experience an  engaging, fun and learning moment.


To do so, we rely on tools and methods that guarantee interactivity, bring rhythm, question the audience and provide permanent pleasure and amazement!

How does it work ?

  • Live debriefed psycho-illusion experiences

  • Storytelling: discover real stories and learn from the greatest

  • Play: we all learn better and more easily if we have fun. 

  • A virtual scene but a very real cooperation with the speaker 

Atelier digital sensoriel

Digital workshop

SENSORIEL is the 1st tasting workshop that is both experiential and educational, conducted online.


Each participant receives at home or at work a collection of chocolates carefully selected by our team. As soon as they receive the Kit, the participants are plunged into a world full of surprise and mystery.


Through the chocolate tasting experience, revisit the fundamentals of constructive and cooperative communication.


Tasting 2.0


Taste, share your sensations from a distance and find together the origin of the chocolates. 

Easy? Difficult ? It all depends on how you communicate ! 


Take a fresh look at the way you communicate and cooperate, through a new pedagogical experience.

Cocktail team building digital

Cocktail is a collaborative, fun and learning experience to be lived in teams and at a distance.


Cocktail is a social event in which you participate alongside George Lucas or Claude Lévi-Strauss. On this occasion, you take on the features of a personality from the world of science, literature or sport. With a brief biographical note, you will have to introduce yourself to the other guests, talk about yourself and learn from them, in order to form pairs and trinomials according to your affinities.


Cocktail is a gallery of about fifty characters who offer as many opportunities for participants to explore their ability to create a bond, to overcome their prejudices and to take a step back from their first impressions.


This digital workshop allows participants to meet in a friendly and safe way!

Cocktail team building original - Paradoxa
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