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Motivational Lectures  | Workshops   |  Team Building | 


Storia culture is a team building that allows you to communicate and transmit your company's DNA in a fun and inspiring way.


This learning team building is original and digital! It allows you to make your teams discover or rediscover your company, by telling its history, culture and values in an original and engaging way.


The objective of the experience is to foster a sense of pride and belonging by sharing a common story.


How was the company born?

To whom does it owe its development? 

What values have built it?

And how does its history resonate with the evolution of society?


Because the future of a company is built on its culture, we believe that these questions are essential to motivate, federate and inspire employees, and allow them to project themselves into the future.


This surprising experience will reveal unexpected secrets about your company!


Thanks to a tailor-made and engaging story telling and setting, we project the participants into the history and genesis of their company. 


This team building experience, designed as an escape game, is an invitation to travel and discover.


  • Passing on and uniting around a corporate culture.

  • Successfully integrating new recruits.

  • Supporting a new strategic business plan.

  • Celebrate important anniversaries.

  • Rewarding and valuing employees.

  • Brand communication with customers.

Team building format

Alone or in a team


  • Managers

  • Executive committees

  • Leaders

  • Sales teams

  • Freelancers

  • Collaborators

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#PositivePsychology#Leadership #CollectiveIntelligence

Image de Andrei Stratu


  • A unique design for each client thanks to a tailor-made 3D decor. The aim is to take participants on a journey through space and time, immersing them in an environment that evokes the company.

  • The art of storytelling at the service of your own history.

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