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Cocktail is a fun, collaborative learning experience halfway between team building and networking evening.


Cocktail is a team building experience that can be carried out both face-to-face and remotely. Participants meet, move around and exchange ideas in different rooms as they progress in the team building.  (The rooms are virtual in digital format).


Cocktail is a social event in which you participate alongside George Lucas or Claude Lévi-Strauss. You will meet illustrious characters and you yourself, on this occasion, will take on the features of a personality from the scientific, literary or sporting world. 


Given a brief biographical note, you will have to introduce yourself to the other guests, talk about yourself and learn from them, to form pairs and trinomials according to your affinities. As if you had to answer the following question: after the cocktail party, who will you sit next to at the table?


Cocktail is a gallery of about fifty characters who offer as many opportunities for participants to explore their ability to create a bond, to overcome their prejudices and to question their first impressions.

  • To understand and develop attitudes that encourage open-mindedness.

  • To remember that our prejudices often deprive us of the pleasure of discovery.

  • To discover that our differences are a source of dynamism and creativity.

Team building format

Groups of  15 to 30 people


  • Managers

  • Executive committees

  • Leaders

  • Sales teams

  • Freelancers

  • Collaborators

#Innovation #Management #Optimism

#PositivePsychology#Leadership #CollectiveIntelligence

Image de Andrei Stratu


  • A strong collective experience, based on the pleasure of exchange and the sharing of knowledge in an eminently playful context.

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