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Illusionist and lecturer

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An illusionist with a degree in human sciences, David puts all his experience at the service of conveying ideas, concepts and values. He is renowned for his ability to structure his presentations clearly and effectively. 

  • Certificate of Excellence & Distinction in Teaching from Harvard University

  • Alumnus of prestigious Ecole Nationale d'Administration (National School of Administration)

  • Graduate of Sorbonne University and Institut National du Service Public

  • École normale supérieure and agrégé in literature, former teacher at Paris VII University

  • Paradoxa associate and lecturer since 2019


He is a regular speaker in France and abroad at seminars organized by public institutions and companies. Alongside his artistic activity, he has held positions of responsibility in the public sector. 

He is particularly interested in the mechanisms of perception and communication, and all the strategies that foster creativity.

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