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Soft Skills training:
Develop team behavioral skills.

Reveal strengths and enhance talents!



Formation professionnelle

Progress at your own pace and according to your desires

More than a training course, we offer you real meetings that respect your pace, your desires and your organizational requirements.

To progress over time and create a cohesive collective, we suggest that you bring your employees together on a regular but flexible basis.

To promote learning and make the group want to progress together, it is important to create a dedicated spatio-temporal space conducive to concentration and confidence.

We accompany you on "immersive" sessions of 2 to 3 days, spaced approximately 3 to 4 months apart.

Formation professionnelle

Pleasure at the service of performance.

Vocational training is evolving to adapt to the demands of our times. Aware of the expectations of companies and learners in terms of format and content, we have designed an agile, inspiring, innovative, dynamic and formative course.

We are convinced, like you, that pleasure and performance are closely linked. Our ambition is therefore to make each learner experience a moment that is both engaging, fun and learning. For this, we rely on two very powerful drivers for the human brain: the pleasure of the game and the strength of emotions.

In order to create an intellectual framework conducive to learning, we suggest that you introduce each session with an incentive time and mark out the course with times charged with emotions.


Formation Soft skills

Tailor-made support

Because unity is strength, because your project is ambitious, because customer satisfaction drives each of our actions, you are accompanied at each stage of your project by stakeholders with high added value, from different backgrounds and with additional expertise.


The multiplicity of points of view and the diversity of formats are the guarantee that each theme will be explored in depth and the assurance of reaching as many people as possible.

You will meet speakers, corporate event professionals, expert consultants, certified coaches, trainers.

Let yourself be guided by the best!

Accompagnement formation

A single point of contact

Local support, from start to finish, focused on serenity.

From the preparation to the animation through the pedagogical engineering, the coordination of the speakers, the invoicing and the administrative follow-up, several skills come into play.


In order to guarantee you maximum responsiveness, clarity and pleasure, we provide you with a dedicated "line" linked to a single contact for all your requests.


This clearly identified person will be responsible for collecting all your requests and questions in order to relay them to the persons concerned.


Formation en entreprise

A course accessible to all.

Come as you Are !

Managers, members of the CODIR, senior executives, team members, employees, sales representatives, support services, technicians, this course is made for all of you!  


We work on the development of behavioral and human skills necessary for personal and professional development.  

Regardless of your level of responsibility or the position you hold, the skills acquired are transferable from one world to another. At home and in the office, harmonizing relationships and giving meaning to your work allows you to reconcile well-being and performance.

Formation soft skills

A resolutely modern route.

By introducing disciplines relating to the human sciences, we invite you to rethink the company from a more rational, more concrete and more modern angle.

Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, social psychology, experiential pedagogy, psycho-illusion...we want to bring you a gem of knowledge in an original setting: serious and reasoned, concrete and useful content in an attractive format that promotes their understanding and appropriation.

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