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Conférence motivation et conduite du changement


Creating emotions for a better client experience

Customer Relations


An interactive conference to rediscover the impact of surprise, positive emotions and attention to detail. The aim: to create a differentiating customer relationship.

Why a conference on memorable customer experiences?

To transform a "Fluid Customer Experience" into a "Memorable Customer Experience", emotions are invaluable allies...


Positive emotions boost our ability to enter into relationships: they have the power to transform our experience. This intentional pursuit of positive emotions makes our professional and personal lives more interesting, more enriching, and, we believe, more soulful.


If we pay more attention to subtle details, we build an automatism that helps create a memorable experience. But above all, by paying attention to these details, we send an invaluable message to our customers and colleagues: by putting in place habits that require the whole team to think consciously about the most rudimentary tasks, we create a world in which intention is the norm, and our customers can feel it. Precision in the smallest details always translates into precision in the biggest.


We can reconcile both the demonstration of our expertise, and the relational warmth that builds loyalty and trust: to do this, we need to focus first and foremost on the expression of relational warmth: our desire to build relationships.

Positive surprise is a powerful ingredient in creating the Memorable Experience.

Let's not forget that mistakes and difficulties are not obstacles in themselves. They're part of the playing field, and will happen in the end. Every incident can turn out to be an opportunity to enhance the customer experience. Let's learn to spot when our customers are dissatisfied or vulnerable. Let's take decisive and radical action to overcome them - we'll stand out just as radically from our competitors.

  • Experience first-hand the impact of positive emotions on sales performance

  • Encourage magical attention to detail

  • Change the way we look at customer dissatisfaction

  • Discover the power of positive surprise


Using interactive tools, participants experience first-hand the impact of our emotions on customer relations.
The experiential teaching approach, supported by the social sciences, enables participants to get involved through realistic examples that can easily be transposed to the world of commercial relations.

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#Relational Warmth #AttachmentToDetails #EnchantingTheRelationship

Image de Andrei Stratu


​The multiscope ©: an interactive pedagogy unique in the world.

  • The multiscope © is a playful and innovative optical concept allowing participants to play and
    to interact permanently with the facilitator.

  • Thanks to this device, the impact of emotions on behaviors will be directly experienced by all participants.

  • We will thus discover through the immediate sensitive experience the concepts developed, guaranteeing the involvement of everyone throughout the demonstration.

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