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Conférence motivation et conduite du changement


Accompany transformations

Engagement and change conference


An engaging interactive conference to change the way we look at management and motivation in the context of change management through an innovative and offbeat experience.


Why a conference on engagement and change?

Positive psychology has shown us for the past 15 years that there is a measurable link between well-being and performance, whatever our activities and responsibilities.

We offer you a powerful collective experience that will allow us to realize that it is because we are well together that we perform well, and not the other way around!

We will verify thanks to each participant that positive emotions boost creativity and the ability to analyze complex issues. They also provide a valuable antidote against physical stress and anxiety.

But even more surprisingly, positive emotions broaden and elicit our thoughts and actions: we will discover that if emotions are contagious, so are behaviors.

How can we pragmatically reconcile the legitimate demonstration of our know-how and expertise with the relational warmth that builds commitment and trust?

Social sciences give us unexpected keys to answer this apparent paradox.

They motivate us to do. We become more open to new ideas.

How can we pragmatically reconcile the legitimate demonstration of our know-how and expertise with the relational warmth that enables us to generate commitment and trust?

The social sciences provide us with unexpected keys to respond to this apparent paradox.

  • To concretely experience the impact of positive emotions on behaviors and performance

  • Encouraging co-construction

  • Engage and generate enthusiasm

  • Develop a positive attitude


Using interactive tools, participants experience first-hand the impact of our emotions on their behaviour.Experiential pedagogy, with the support of social sciences, makes it possible to engage through realistic examples, which can easily be transposed to the professional context of each individual.

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#PositivePsychology#Leadership #CollectiveIntelligence

Image de Andrei Stratu


​The multiscope ©: an interactive pedagogy unique in the world.

  • The multiscope © is a playful and innovative optical concept allowing participants to play and
    to interact permanently with the facilitator.

  • Thanks to this device, the impact of emotions on behaviors will be directly experienced by all participants.

  • We will thus discover through the immediate sensitive experience the concepts developed, guaranteeing the involvement of everyone throughout the demonstration.

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