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Conférence la magie de la relation


Create trust

Conference collective intelligence


An interactive and moving conference dedicated to collective intelligence to better understand our relationship with others: customers, employees and colleagues.

We will discover together, with as much humor as lucidity, the mechanisms of empathy and the power of attention.

Why a conference on collective intelligence?

In a context of digital acceleration, marked by the standardization of practices and processes, working on the quality of the relationship that we build day after day with our interlocutors is an essential effort. More than an issue of well-being and cohesion, it is a crucial factor in the differentiation of innovative companies.

While our connected world requires increased agility and invites us to multitasking, the relationship with others is nourished by listening and empathy. Whether we are talking about collaboration or customer experience, thinking about the quality of our attention – and the conditions that are favorable to it – therefore becomes more than ever a necessity.

This conference dedicated to collective intelligence aims to identify the levers we have to cultivate our ability to listen and understand situations and people. Far from magic formulas and smoky secrets, the solutions lie in the very understanding of what our attention is.

  • How does it work?

  • What are his limits ?

  • What factors reinforce it?

  • Which on the contrary degrade it?


The illusion, as a discipline playing on both perceptions and emotions, proves to be a relevant detour to answer these questions. By discovering the techniques used by the artist to surprise his audience while creating a climate of complicity, we will reveal

simple and powerful tools to improve the quality of our attention… and therefore of our relationships.

  • Improve your ability to create empathy

  • Develop your listening skills

  • Understand and foster the conditions for cooperation

  • Build authentic relationships with high added value


As professional speakers and illusionists, we weave concrete links between the art of illusion and business issues. Our approach consists in questioning practices, with humility and caring, using the power of surprise, emotions and wonder.

#Management #Customerexperience #Trust#Teamsmotivation#Cooperation

Image de Andrei Stratu


  • Psycho-illusion © is a separate discipline in the world of illusion, which obeys different rules from those of conjurers.

  • In psycho-illusion ©, the artist relies on psychological and relational notions. It depicts chance and uncertainty, communication and exchange, intuition and the desire for discovery. It favors interpersonal skills over know-how…


The artist offers you a journey. The illusion sets in… in a good mood!

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