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Conférence innovation et créativité


Creativity at the service of business

Innovation and creativity conference


An innovative interactive conference to think differently, take action and change what can be changed.

For companies, distinguishing themselves to their customers by simultaneously enhancing existing or new products is a real challenge.


Why a conference on innovation and creativity?

Innovation is an essential element of notoriety.

In this context, creativity is a lever of differentiation for the group as well as for the individual. Creativity is also an opportunity for everyone to blossom and give meaning!

  • How can we concretely transpose the illusionist's strategies and acquire his know-how?

  • What attitude should we adopt to transform our vision and create new opportunities?

  • How do you ignite the spark of innovation?

Let's discover together the 4 postures favoring breakthrough innovation and share the tools used by the artist to think differently and create the impossible.

  • Surprise to learn and progress together.

  • Develop postures favorable to innovation and differentiation.

  • Discover the perception and logic traps that build habits and certainties.

  • Challenging preconceived notions: anyone can innovate!


Playful and educational, the intervention is centered on the theme of creativity and innovation.
Surprising the audience involves disruptive thinking, which short-circuits the patterns and mental tunnels highlighted above. During this conference, we will rely on illusion techniques to ignite the spark of innovation and creativity in your teams. The art of magic to make possible what was not!

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Image de Andrei Stratu


Psycho-illusion ©

  • Psycho-illusion © is a discipline apart in the world of illusion, which obeys different rules from those of prestidigitators.

  • In psycho-illusion ©, the artist relies on psychological and relational notions. He stages chance and uncertainty, communication and exchange, intuition and the desire for discovery. He privileges self-management skills over skills...


The artist offers you a journey. The illusion settles... with a good mood!

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