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Conférence se faire confiance


Turn your experience into a super power

Management and decision making conference


An enriching interactive conference to change our perspective on our experience and our ability to make decisions.


Why a conference on decision-making and management?

When the medium-term future can no longer be predicted, detecting and interpreting weak signals becomes more than ever a priority. We invite you to discover in an original way how our experience, personal and professional, can prove to be a tremendous asset on a daily basis for managing and making more informed decisions.


  • How to facilitate decision-making in an uncertain environment?

  • How to distinguish well-founded intuitions from errors of perception?

  • How to learn to pay more attention to weak signals?

  • How to encourage the sharing of experience within the teams?


The changes we are experiencing are so drastic that we naturally tend to question the value of our experience. Will what I learned yesterday still have value tomorrow?


How can we further enhance our experience and know-how, while remaining agile and curious about our environment?

Our approach consists in offering an offbeat and nevertheless rigorous look at an essential theme in the daily lives of employees and yet neglected by traditional training programs

  • Understand the powerful connection between experience and intuition

  • Measuring the impact of experience in our decision making proces

  • Discover 4 tools to transform our experience into "practical" skills


This interactive conference is offered ONLINE. It combines a playful and educational dimension, and constantly encourages the participation of the audience, no matter how far away they are.


For this, we invite everyone to live, throughout the demonstration, communication games and psycho-illusion© experiences, always at the service of the messages and their appropriation.

#SelfConfidence #Experience #Intuitions

#Bias #Perceptions #WeakSignals #Decisions

Image de Andrei Stratu


  • Psycho-illusion © is a discipline apart in the world of illusion, which obeys different rules from those of prestidigitators.

  • In psycho-illusion ©, the artist relies on psychological and relational notions. He stages chance and uncertainty, communication and exchange, intuition and the desire for discovery. He privileges self management skills over expertise... Psycho-illusion mechanisms are wonderfully adapted to the online format!

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