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Conférence communication motivationnelle


Generate interest and make an impression

Communication and engagement conference


A live remote conference to discover the secrets of impactful communication.


This highly interactive communication and motivation conference allows you to discover and appropriate the essential principles and tools to boost and improve your communication with your teams and your clients.


Why a conference dedicated to motivational communication ?

  • Why do some messages stick in everyone's mind while others slip away almost instantly?

  • Why do we adhere to certain ideas, while others seem completely obscure?

  • Why, when the stakes are the same, do some messages make us want to act, while others leave us indifferent?

The aim of this communication conference is to identify collectively, with humour and lucidity, the 5 universal principles for arousing the interest and creating the commitment of our colleagues, our collaborators, our clients or our relations.


Each notion will be actively experienced by the participants, in order to establish the credibility of the approach and facilitate its appropriation


Each concept discussed will also be illustrated by tests, experiments and examples allowing each participant to appropriate the tools and apply them in their daily professional life. For each tool, the speaker will systematically propose keys called "I'm starting tomorrow" to help participants get started.

The interactive "impact" conference lasts between 1h15 and 1h30 depending on your needs and your agenda. It offers a permanent interaction with the audience, which participates in all the experiments we propose.  All the ideas we put forward during the presentation will be actively experienced by the participants before being debriefed and put into perspective. 

  • Identify the 5 universal principles of impactful communication.

  • Quickly acquire the tools necessary to arouse the interest and create the commitment of our colleagues, our collaborators, our customers or our relations.


The aim of this conference is to tackle these serious and important issues in a playful way, with the conviction that we can make an impact in a good mood and have fun together.

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Going further with the CHESS © method

Group coaching:  It is possible to extend the conference by organizing face-to-face or remote communication coaching, in groups of 6 participants. (about 2 hours format) We wish to BE USEFUL FOR YOU, by making you want to quickly test certain tools of the CHESS © method, which was presented to you during our interactive conference.

The CHESS © method offers you original and pragmatic keys to answer these questions and make you actors of the change that we want to see happen.

In a context of digital acceleration, marked by the standardization of practices and processes, our ability to communicate our convictions in an impactful and contagious way is a crucial factor of differentiation and performance.

Image de Andrei Stratu


  • A playful approach to an essential subject.

  • Captivated participants.

  • Tools that can be applied immediately in everyday life.

  • Experts in impactful communication at your service.

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