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Conférencier professionnel - Motivation - Camille GRANDET

Camille GRANDET is a speaker and business manager

conférencier et chef d'entreprise

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Camille is a speaker and business manager (" les sentiers du goût).

Passionate about cognitive and behavioral sciences, he regularly supports executives and managers on subjects such as:

  • Leadership development

  • Change management

  • Diversity and integration

He regularly speaks at conventions and seminars of the largest
French companies for consulting, team building and

  • Engineer (Centrale Lille), graduated in Sensory Analysis and Tasting at the University of Wine of Suze-la-Rousse and at Aix-Marseille University.

  • Passionate about pedagogy and neuroscience.

  • Epicurean passionate about local products.

  • Executive Coach

  • Speaker and partner facilitator within PARADOXA




Camille's passion for the taste experience allows her to create times
friendly, quirky, surprising educational experiences ...
remember, the messages we remember!

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