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Workshop cooperation


Switch is a powerful exclusive workshop-teamm building that allows you to explore the fundamentals of cooperation in just a few minutes.


The experience is designed to expand a team's or network's potential by immersing participants in a high value-added "altered reality ©" experience.

The technological device used is fully part of the participants' experience: cut off from others, placed in an unknown environment, they will have to develop communication and listening strategies in order to succeed individually and collectively in solving the problem that will be submitted to them on the day.

The team building  SWITCH  was built in partnership with KPMG and uses VR helmets.

  • Discover the importance of emotions and perceptions in the way we cooperate.

  • Discover one's preferences for cooperation among the 4 profiles revealed by the experience.

  • Discover the 5 variables that condition team cooperation in a transformation context.

Format of the workshop

From 2 to 40


Between 45 and 90 minutes

#RealityAltered #Cooperation #Listening #Feedbacks #CollaborativeWork #CommonObjectives 

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