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Des morceaux de chocolat
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Workshop constructive communication


This workshop, halfway between workshop and team building, revisits the fundamentals of constructive and cooperative communication through a chocolate tasting experience.

From tasting to relationship!

Every situation has an objective reality. However, the perception we have of it is necessarily subjective, i.e. interpreted and distorted by the prism of our biases and our past experiences. We do not share the same vision of reality, in good faith, and we use very different words to describe the same thing.

How can we share our representations in order to build a common vision?

  • What are our most frequent communication patterns, and why is constructive communication not spontaneous?

  • What are the best practices to adopt to make our exchanges more cooperative?

  • The diversity of views is a richness for the collective, provided that we sincerely encourage their free expression.

The "Taste of Others" communication workshop is a participative educational experience to take a fresh look at our communication and exchange habits, to progress towards more effective and fulfilling communication.


There are good practices that allow for a better exchange of information, a better understanding of each other and thus a better construction together:

  • listening to understand (and not to answer)

  • seek a common language.

  • sincerely encourage the expression of divergent points of view.

Format of the workshop

From 8 to 500 people


45 min to 1h30

  • Managers

  • Executive Committee

  • Directors

  • Sales force

  • Freelancers

  • Collaborators

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Image de Andrei Stratu


  • A sensory and convivial pedagogical experience

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