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Conférence entreprise - optimisme - bébé - baignoire

Generate enthusiasm

Corporate Motivational Speakers | illusionists | workshops and team building


Social sciences and illusion often provide appropriate and concrete answers to the questions and challenges that await us: they place the human being at the heart of the reflection.

Our in-company conferences place the human being at the center of the process.

surprendre pour apprendre paradoxa.jpg

Surprise to learn

PARADOXA conferences and workshops offer participants a unique experience.

Our speakers project them into an offbeat and exciting universe.

The speaker, thanks to our experiential pedagogy, delivers action keys that can be easily transposed to the specific professional world of each participant.

Conférence intelligence collective - toile - araignée

PARADOXA's expertise is systematically decompartmentalized and multidisciplinary: this association allows us to build playful and intelligent interventions to mark minds, inspire and anchor messages.

Linking knowledge

Conférence innovation - digitale - casque - VR - enfant

At PARADOXA , we are convinced that the digital revolution and the acceleration it brings about must make us attentive: our collective intelligence and our capacity for empathy will be the indispensable keys to the success of our transformations. They will enable us to ensure the performance of companies while preserving the well-being of their teams.




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