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An interactive conference on our tremendous capacity to make decisions and act accordingly... and why it is so difficult to exercise it with accuracy and discernment.
We all make more than 3,000 decisions every day. Most of them are unconscious or trivial.
Others have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives. But whatever their nature, whether they involve only ourselves or entire teams, these choices are all the result of thinking mechanisms that are as subtle as they are capricious. Indeed, we know today, thanks to the social sciences and neurosciences, that our analytical capacities are both limited and biased.

Thus, because living and thriving in a world as uncertain as ours requires confidence and clear-sightedness, we invite you to discover - in a playful and pragmatic way - how to progress on the postures favorable to informed decision making.

What role do emotions play in our decision making? Should we favor spontaneity or caution?

How can our perception of a situation be distorted?

Why is taking action often so difficult?

We are convinced that a better understanding of decision-making mechanisms can lead us to revise our judgments and improve the way we decide, individually and collectively. This conference aims to convince you of this... with pleasure and good humour.


  • Adopt the 5 reflexes in favour of an informed decision

  • Experimenting with decision biases and discovering their pervasiveness

  • Building trust


We will discover a playful 5 points methodology, easily memorable and applicable in any situation, when the stakes are high. This approach, conceived as an invitation to be daring, aims to enable us to build more balanced judgments and to widen our room for manoeuvre in a constrained environment.


The multiscope ©: an interactive pedagogy unique in the world


The multiscope © is a playful and innovative optical principle allowing participants to play and interact permanently with the facilitator.

Thanks to this device, all the decision traps and their antidotes will be experienced directly by all the participants.

We will thus discover through the immediate sensitive experience the concepts developed, guaranteeing the involvement of everyone throughout the demonstration.

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