Develop a safety culture



An interactive conference to discover and appropriate essential and often counter-intuitive principles to foster the development of a shared safety culture.

A safety culture is a set of ways of doing things and ways of thinking that are widely shared by the players in an organization with regard to the control of risks linked to its activities. While the technical and organizational aspects that facilitate this culture have been heavily invested in recent years, there is now considerable room for improvement in terms of the "human factor".

We have been collaborating on these subjects for many years with industrial groups such as EDF and Bouygues Construction, but also with reference organizations such as ICSI (Institut pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle). Our deep conviction is that human error must be globally considered as a consequence and not as a cause. Operators are often the heirs of an organization's defects rather than the instigators of accidents. Often, we discover that they bypass safety rules in order to respond to the double injunction of performance that requires them to work quickly and well.

We sometimes act against prevention because the consequences perceived as more beneficial and more likely are not always those resulting from safe behaviour, and vital rules are not always perceived as vital.

The most effective way to avoid the repetition of unsafe behavior is to eliminate the conditions that produced it. This implies giving oneself the time to analyze it. We believe we can contribute to this.

Searching for the constraints, beliefs and perceptions that induce inappropriate actions, allows, through benevolent questioning and curiosity, to implement truly corrective actions.

  • How to fight against organizational silence?

  • How can feedback be encouraged when the procedure has not been followed?

  • Why can the expertise of the players, or satisfactory accident rates, be important risk factors for the team?

  • How can we encourage the development of a fair, equitable and universally understood culture, recognizing the right to make mistakes but also the possible sanction?


  • Understand the powerful link between perceptions and behaviors.

  • Discover the three attentional keys that allow us to apply reliability practices more spontaneously.

  • Discover how to think more often about "Situation" rather than "Sanction" to build a transparent and shared safety culture.


This conference aims to tackle these serious and important subjects in a playful way, with the conviction that we can hold an impactful speech in good humor and shared pleasure.


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