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Atelier confiance conférence motivationnelle - Paradoxa
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Workshop confidence
and cooperation


"13" is a workshop that proposes to collectively question the subject  an analog, interactive and fun business case, presented in the form of a puzzle to be solved as a team.

This workshop fits perfectly into your business seminars.

How do we get our colleagues, collaborators, partners or clients to cooperate and engage in complex projects when everyone's interests sometimes seem to be divergent?

This workshop offers you a surprising experience and will reveal unexpected secrets about what really motivates us!

The workshop  confidence and cooperation "13" was entirely created from our direct experience in the field: it delivers pragmatic lessons, immediately applicable, whatever the level of responsibility of the participants.

Thanks to an engaging story telling, this workshop projects  participants in the unique universe of one of the most famous illusionists in the world.  Your teams, during a workshop, find themselves in the shoes of very privileged spectators, guardians of one of the best-protected secrets in the world. They will have to do  proof of creativity, listening and cooperation to discover how the artist, show after show, evening after evening, entrusts his secret to complete strangers without it ever being revealed.

This workshop invites participants to reflect on the mechanisms of cooperation, the springs  of trust and the conditions necessary for leadership.

  • Understand and develop attitudes that encourage shared trust.

  • Discover and apply the 4 keys to sustainable cooperation.

  • Boost the creativity of teams.

  • To give the floor to the participants.

Workshop format

From 5 to 500 people

1h00 to 1h30

  • Managers

  • Executive committees

  • Leaders

  • Sales teams

  • Freelancers

  • Collaborators

#CollectiveIntelligence #TeamMembership #DevelopListening #Membership #Sense #Recognition #Coaching

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  • Easy to implement (light technique)

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