That in a digital world, human sciences have their place.

That it is essential to feel in order to truly understand.

That wonder can enrich our perception of reality.

That curiosity and envy constitute the foundation of collective performance.

  That it is always possible to combine learning and pleasure.

It is in this state of mind that our professional speakers work with companies.

Our ambition: To provide participants with a unique moment, to create and lead conferences that encourage taking a step back and invite us to remain curious and vigilant about our environment.



Paradoxa was born in 2004 from a desire to offer companies moments of inspiration, reflection and cohesion.


By combining our experience as illusionists and our interest in cognitive science, we have developed an original pedagogy based on a conviction: astonishment is the most powerful lever for discovery and learning. It is in this state of mind, anxious to focus on the lived experience of the participants, that we have designed interactive conferences combining emotion, questioning and collective reflection.


More than 2000 services to a wide variety of companies have confirmed the relevance of the dialogue between the art of illusion, social sciences and management. These disciplines, far from contradicting each other, enrich each other to help us take an enlightening and invigorating look at our working methods and open up very operational avenues for reflection.


Reconsidering the place of emotions in the professional sphere, developing a critical mind, recalling the importance of interpersonal relationships , identifying the sources of motivation and the pitfalls of decision-making ... These are all crucial issues that we are working to decipher throughout our interventions, always with rigor, humility and humor.


Thus, by placing people at the heart of our approach, with their richness and complexity, we hope to promote the transformation of organizations, the cohesion of teams and the commitment of employees. And if, after sixteen years spent surveying seminars and conventions, our enthusiasm continues to grow from service to service, it is because we know that sharing and pleasure never go one without the other .


Matthieu - Sebastien - Benjamin


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